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Jia Hao (家好)

The literal translation of 家好 is “Family is Good”. These are in fact the first two words of an auspicious Chinese idiom: 家好月圆, which signifies bliss and completeness of a family. In the same way, Jiahao’s brews unite tea drinkers in enjoyment of a sweet, soothing herbal tea that improves health, while also savouring the taste of home.

This strong symbolism is in line with our goal of being localized, as Singapore remains our main operating market - something that locals will be able to identify with and one that is easy to remember.


Herbal Tea

As consumers become increasingly health-conscious worldwide, non-alcoholic plant-based beverages have gained share in the global tea market, where functional teas and condition-specific blends have established a mainstream niche.

Convenient, ready to drink teas have become the norm in Singapore. The country’s tropical humid weather continues to generate demand for herbal teas, which have been enjoyed by locals for many years – with no signs of slowing.


Trust and Certification

We have confidence in our herbal teas as they have been sold at coffee shops across Singapore for a few years now, under a different brand name. Quality control and assurance remain at a high standard for us.

Our production site boasts a one-stop production capacity with room for further expansion. Since setting up, Singapore Food Agency (SFA) has also given its approval for us to operate as a Food & Beverages Processing Establishment.

We are currently in the process of becoming ISO 22000 certified, which is an even higher certification than HACCP.

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